Founder and CEO of Hair Solutions of Tampa

Shannon Sorbara dedicated her life to helping men and women achieve their best appearance. She has a strong passion for her work that started as a young woman. Shannon’s father, Gary Sor- bara, owned a hair replacement studio in Pittsburgh. While attending school, Shannon joined the family business and quickly be- came involved in the marketing, ordering, consultation and sales of non-surgical hair loss solutions.

Shannon is a gifted stylist has the fantastic ability to bring out the best in every client that she works with. Shannon has since relocat- ed to Florida. With drive and determination, she has become the founder and CEO of Hair Solutions of Tampa, a successful business in the South Tampa area. Being a natural leader she has created an experienced team of artistic stylists, to meet all of her clients needs.

Hair Solutions of Tampa specializes in non-surgical cosmetic hair loss systems, laser therapy and extensions. Shannon believed that education is paramount to her growth and has attended countless training seminars to bring the latest technological advancements in Hair Extensions, Laser Therapy, Hair Restoration and Hair Replacement to her clients. Shannon has been at the forefront of her industry has become an inspiration and mentor to many studio owners. She likes to give back to the industry that has given so much to her. Currently, Shannon has trained hair stylists into hair restoration specialists for over 20 years, These exclusive training venues take place all over the nation. Shannon has visited over 30 exclusive hair replacement Studios, certifying the best technicians in the country.

Shannon’s talents are well recognized throughout the industry and she is quickly becoming a rising star within South Tampa area. Shannon has been featured on News Channel 8 and has been featured in many publications such as: Modern Salon magazine, Tampa Bay’s Best and The National Hair Journal.

Hair Solutions of Tampa Bay—February 2005-Present
President & Owner
2024 W. Cleveland Street, Tampa Florida 33606

  • 2011–2015: Working with CBS on Undercover Boss television series
  • Instrumental in product development for hair restoration manufacturer
  • Responsible for client evaluations, assessments, solutions and relationship building
  • Develop strong vendor and manufacturer relationships; with chemical companies, hair product companies and hair care organizations
  • Built a strong marketing campaign to generate business
  • Served as Technical Director of Education for major hair restorative provider
  • Responsible for all activities associated with running a business, such as invoicing; A/P; A/R; implementing technology to make business run more efficiently and effectively; hiring and training of staff
  • Works hand in hand with Vice President of Sales and Marketing for base design and construction of the hair line and the product wet line

Next Generation Hair – 1998-2005
Manager; Ft. Myers, FL

  • Trained all cosmetologists on non-surgical hair restoration for men and women
  • Certified and responsible for all hair extensions for clients
  • Responsible for all hair systems used on clients
  • Educator for manufacture
  • Implemented a sales-building, grassroots marketing plan for organization, which resulted in increased sales and a loyal customer base
  • Developed relationships with vendors

American Hairlines Studio – 1993-2005
Manager, Wexford, PA