Aramo Professional Microscope

Before any hair restoration process – just like prior to any other medical intervention – everyone undergoes certain tests that help to set up the complete diagnosis. Because it is important to know what kind of hair loss we can talk about, the severity of the baldness, and the condition of the scalp. And this is just a few of the factors that can help us plan the steps and estimate the outcome of the therapy properly. But the question may arise in everyone: the pre-screening diagnosis is surely right?

At Hair Solutions of Tampa we use an innovation that helps our stylists to get an even more accurate and even more detailed picture of the condition of the patient’s hair than ever before. This is the APM-200 (Aramo Professional Microscope) skin and hair analysis system. This new generation examination tool has an analyzing software as well. With APM-200, we can get a better and more accurate picture than ever, having better analysis with the more professional microscopic photos.

High Magnification Lens

This new system is able to detect the type of hair loss, it gives a perfect picture of the condition of your scalp, the density of your hair and also the amount of keratin. In addition, it reveals the nerve network of your scalp, the condition of the pores of the hair and the thickness of your hairs. Last but not least, it provides insight into the condition of the cuticles. This means that at the end of the test we can set up a complete diagnosis that can provide exact answers to all the questions.

To sum up, nothing is impossible for this new, innovative testing tool for assessing the condition of your hair. It helps with the work of our doctors in the whole planning and performing of hair transplantation so that you can finally get a perfect result. Test results can be seen instantly, either on a large TV, tablet or on the device itself.

Scan Capabilities

Hair Loss Status / Scalp Status / Hair Density / Keratin of Scalp / Exposure of Scalp’s Vessel / Hair Thickness / Hair Pore Status / Cuticle Status

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