From Great Lengths UK

Our mission is to grow together with hairstylists and you, their clients, by proposing new interpretations of beauty, self care and enhancement. We have a dream: to change the image of extensions, making them finally suitable for all women, even those who love naturalness. Usually, hair extensions are solely perceived as a way to transform hair to dramatic long locks however this truly isn’t the case.

You may prefer a minimalistic, more natural look and extensions can be the perfect enhancement to help you achieve this! Hair extensions are a truly subtle and flexible beauty tool. For this reason, we are glad to introduce #Portraits, a new video-series campaign showing 7 different women choosing different ways to wear extensions. They tell us their hair stories and experiences with Great Lengths extensions application.

We’re introducing firstly Arashi, a Spanish gymnast and one of the models of our #Portraits video series, used to have long hair before starting modelling, but then, as a model, her hair became so thin that she had to cut it short. After the experience with Great Lengths, she can finally enjoy the sensation of having her voluminous locks of hair back again!

Up next is we’d love to introduce you to Anja. To Anja, beauty is kindness and a completely immaterial idea. Anja’s mother cut her hair short when she was young and was never able to re-grow her hair to the length she wanted. Great Lengths have helped Anja regain thickness, volume and length and made her feel beautiful again.