You look in the mirror and notice your hair isn’t as thick as it once was, thinning or possibly receding. The stress and panic begin to seep in as you realize you are losing your hair. Some men who experience hair loss feel it makes them look older, less attractive and encounter a drop in confidence. Hair loss is common in men and can be caused by a variety of reasons but there is an easy non-invasive solution, hair replacement systems. It is a long-term solution that does not require surgery or medication and allows you to return to your active and social lifestyle.

Most Men are Worried People Will Notice Their Hair Replacement System

The ultimate goal of a hair replacement system is to regain your thick head of hair and have it seamlessly match your natural hair. But what if it doesn’t? This is one of the biggest concerns men face when deciding to use a hair replacement system. There is no point in wearing a hair replacement system if it is noticeable and looks unnatural. Hair replacement systems can be customized to match your hair color, length, texture, and desired hairstyle.

There are several ways to ensure your hair replacement system not only looks natural but is also unnoticeable in the best way possible. When choosing your hair replacement system opt for real human hair. The use of real human hair provides more color and style options versus synthetic hair.

Apart from the materials used, the correct fit of your hair replacement system and attachment process is essential. The hair replacement system should be the right size and shape to cover the appropriate areas where you are experiencing hair loss. This will also help in the attachment process and guarantee that your hair replacement system will adhere and fit properly to your scalp. The attachment process is key to helping your hair replacement system blend with your natural hair. Enlist the help of an experienced hair replacement specialist who can help you attach the hair replacement system properly.

A hair replacement specialist will be able to show you how to attach your hair replacement system, blend it with your natural hairline and trim it. Trimming your hair replacement system can help customize it to suit your features by looking at the shape of your face and trimming it to match.  

In the end, these tips will allow you to be confident in your hair replacement system without anyone ever knowing you are wearing one.

Some Men Believe Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Costs Too Much

Quality non-surgical hair replacement or hair replacement systems are affordable, provide instant results and is a pain-free procedure. While the cost of a non-surgical hair replacement system depends on the quality of the system it is more affordable compared to a hair transplant. For a few thousand dollars you can use a hair replacement system that blends with your natural hair without the need for incisions or risks of bleeding, infection or unnatural tufts of hair that can occur after a hair transplant. A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that can cost between $4,000 and $15,000 dollars and usually is not covered by health insurance.

Keep in mind not all hair replacement systems are created equally. You will pay more for a hair replacement system that uses natural human hair compared to synthetic, but it will also last longer and provide a more natural, genuine look and feel.

Men Have a Hard Time Admitting Their Hair Loss Treatment Is Not Working

Losing your hair is difficult enough but now you realize that your hair loss treatment is not working. Androgenetic alopecia or common male pattern baldness impacts more than 95% of men according to the American Hair Loss Association. There is no cure for hair loss. While there are remedies available such as medications or surgery to prevent hair loss, they do not always work and can sometimes create more hair loss. Keep in mind that while your hair loss is inevitable you do not have to endure being bald. Many men use hair replacement systems and one of them could be sitting right next to you and you may not even know it. 

A hair replacement system allows you to combat your hair loss without the risks and cost of surgery or medications. You will not have to wait and see if your hair will regrow via hair loss treatments. A quality hair replacement system will instantly give you back your full head of hair along with a flawless and natural appearance.